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Company Profile

Universal Touring Corporation was established in 1979 in Tokyo, Japan. As a young and dynamic destination company, we specialize in outbound tourism to Asia. Aside from the usual leisure travel tours to Asia, we have a number of special interest tours such as scuba diving, bicycling, golfing, marathons, trekking, cooking, trade fairs, and conventions in Asia and Europe. Our head office is located in Tokyo, Japan and we do have branch in Delhi, India.

Since 1980, Universal Touring Corporation has contracted with many different organizations such as Aqua Tropical Sports, Club Paradise Resort in the Philippines, GS Travel Hotel in China, Hong Kong, Toronto and Vancouver, Decent Indo Tour in New Delhi, Uniglobal Travel in Singapore and Malaysia, and Diethelm Travel in Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

Since 1985, Universal Touring Corporation extended the business and started serving the following companies: Aoki Holding Co., ITD, Camp Zama Army Base, Sato Travel, Atsugi Naval Base, MWR ITT office in Yokosuka, Japan, Maruha co., Japan FUR association and PADI and CMAS scuba diving association. This made us possible for us to supply binternational travel arrangements.

Our company has been going strong these past 28 years. As a result, we have a wide network of associate offices throughout the country. Professionals who are efficient in their field and chosen specifically for tours man these offices.

Universal Touring Corporation makes its service available at all times so its clients can be assured that it is there to serve even during times of inconvenience. Universal Touring Corporation continually displays outstanding quality service as a leading provider of individual leisure travel, company and government flights, hotel and package tours with the highest level of service, throughout Japan.